Few Ways to Reduce Math Exam Anxiety

Math stress, anxiety or panic attacks are the mental illness which arises among few students when they are required to solve mathematical problems. The main reason behind this stress, anxiety, panic and nervousness is due to memorizing the concepts rather than understanding them. Math is difficult and challenging but if we practice more and understand the concepts, it will be more enjoyable and interesting.

Exam stress is an unavoidable part of every student’s life. Apart from the true masterminds, almost every student suffers from stress before a Math exam during their early school years and no one can escape from it. Instead of taking any more stress, students can beat stress by practicing more problems and getting thorough in all the fundamental and formulas.

Here are few tips and tricks to reduce math exam anxiety or stress in students:

Practice, Practice and Practice

Students appearing for their board exam can reduce their math stress by practicing more problems on different topics.

As per the saying “Practice makes men perfect”, practice more problems from the NCERT exemplar, NCERT Solutions For Class 6 Maths, NCERT textbooks, previous year question papers and other sample papers to build the confidence level towards the math exam.

Start from the basics 

Before beginning with any new topic or problem, make sure that you are aware with all its basics.  Knowing the basics and understanding every single step in a particular problem, definitions, derivatives, and formulae will help the students to develop a strong foundation of the topic.

Don’t Memorise Maths 

Never learn maths by memorizing the formulas and other concepts. By memorizing you are not going to learn anything effectively and it may increase your stress level as you forget everything at the end of the day. Hence, make a regular habit of solving 10 to 15 math problems to reduce the anxiety. Always try to understand the formulas and solve the problem instead of memorizing it.

Take a helps of several books 

There are many reference books available both where students can refer and solve several problems based on the similar topics. By this, students can gain more knowledge about the concepts.  Refer books from different authors of similar topics for a better understanding. As different authors have their own method of explaining the problems. This will help students to understand the different techniques in a better way which can be applied to find the solutions for the given problems.

Ask for more doubts

Never hesitate to ask for help or to clear your doubts in the classroom. Students can approach their teacher personally for help if they come across any difficulties in solving the problems. Try to talk and share your thoughts with your friends, brothers, sisters, and other family members. As per the experts, group study is a smart way to get success. By this way, students can develop different ways to solve problems by sharing their ideas related to the different math topics.

These were some important tips and tricks to reduce math exam anxiety or stress in students. The first and foremost thing is to be relaxed. Never panic as there are many masterminds who are unsure about the concepts as well. Math is not rocket science. If you have math anxiety, admit it, get prepared to face, overcome or manage it. Learn more formulas and other in dealing exam stress and different tricks and other shortcut methods to solve complex problems.

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