Five Things To Check Before Upgrading Your Phone

In a world of ever changing technology, you should consider several things before upgrading any gadget. This is never truer than with a phone. By thinking of a few things first, you can save yourself time and money when switching from one device to the next.

#1: Plans 

This is a good time to reconsider the cost versus usage aspect of your phone. Constant overages can be avoided by increasing minute/data limits or bills reduced by scaling down these allowances. If the current plan needs no changes, signing a new contract may not be needed to upgrade phones.

#2: Carriers 

Not all phones are available from every service provider. While plans are generally similar among carriers, several things may differ. Look over the coverage map and customer service reviews as well as overage charges to ensure the best reception and connectivity and no surprises in the monthly bill. Asking friends with different carriers is one of the quickest ways to make sure you find the best suited for your needs.

#3: Compatibility 

Most phones are made similarly in today’s market, though there can still be some issues transferring contacts, music, or other files from an older to a newer phone. This is usually not a problem when upgrading with the same carrier or brand of phones, but some simple research before making the change can save a few headaches. Check to see if the phone requires any special connectors or software to transfer music or move established accounts from one phone to the next.

#4: Features 

From ease-of-use items like a full keyboard to the more operational like an HD camera, an upgrade rarely feels like one without an increase in functionality. While there are bares-bones–also known as “featureless”–phones which provide little more than the ability to send/receive calls/texts, newer phones bridge the gap between communication and multimedia with the inclusion of better screens, faster processors, and other components. Deciding which features are necessary and which are not will help to find the best phone for an upgrade as well as make sure no extra money is spent in the acquisition.

#5: Cost 

There are two major costs in any phone upgrade: the initial cost of the new device and the recurring bill. However, you can find the phone you want for a reduced cost by checking stores that specialized in used or refurbished phones. If the plan cannot or does not need to be changed, instead of signing a new contract to receive a cheaper device, acquiring a used device may also provide a way to save. Most of these stores also accept take in your old device which may be applied to the cost of a new-to-you phone.

Taking the time upfront to ensure finding the correct device and where to acquire is the best way to avoid unexpected or unneeded expenditure.


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