How to download YouTube videos for free

Have you seen that funny video of a kid biting his brother’s finger and want to keep it on your phone; so you can show it to everyone? Well, there is one way and that is to download the video. Chances are you have seen this video or a similar one that caught your eye on YouTube, the premier video streaming website on the internet.

Watching videos is relatively easy when there is a fast internet service and playback is uninterrupted. When you are in a place with a weak or no signal, it might be quite the task to watch videos on YouTube. In such a scenario, downloading the said video is the answer. you can get customized YouTube thumbnail for every download and save it in a unique manner.

You can share videos and embed them on your web pages, but downloading them may not exactly be legal. Since it is not exactly permitted by YouTube themselves to download and share videos in that manner, there are many services which can help you get the video. Yet, some of these sites are also not very trustworthy. They can use tactics such as crypto mining and use your computer for their own benefit. A way to find out if they are indeed using your computer for their own benefit is when it starts heating up.

There are certain websites who do a rather clean job of downloading the video without spamming your browser with unnecessary ads and pop-ups. You can also use a particular app for cleaner download and storage of your files. They can also convert the video file into an audio file such as mp3. Specific websites also have the features to download full 4k files, 3D and 360-degree videos. They also come with paid subscriptions so that you can download entire playlists and larger video files with ease.

Another method is to use VLC media player. This is a rather unconventional method but works equally well. VLC is one of the best video players out there, with the functionality to view various kinds of codec files. It is no surprise that it can also download videos. You can use the network stream feature to copy and paste a YouTube URL and watch the video on VLC. Here are the steps to download it form VLC.

  • First, you need to open the codec information bar from the ‘tools’ section on the toolbar.
  • In the codec information bar, you can then use the URL link in the location section to copy it and paste it into your browser.
  • The video file on your browser is the pulled straight from the google servers.
  • You can then save this file and it will get added directly to your hard drive.

Once you have your video file you can then upload it anywhere and share it to places. The most common sharing platform is Facebook. You can get customized YouTube to Facebook thumbnails for your videos and it gives it a personal look and feel to the video.

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