Natural way to relieve the haemorrhoids!

Haemorrhoids are veins overblown, which surround the anus and rectum and tend to protrude your anus. Haemorrhoids are much like varicose veins; they enlarge and gradually lose their flexibility, thus causing pouch shaped protrusions into ones anal canal. This condition is commonly referred to by the doctors as the word ‘piles’, they can often cause tremendous pain, discomfort, and also much embarrassment to the patient suffering from it. If it is a minor case of haemorrhoids, then it is a different story.

The most natural and easiest way to battle piles is by taking more intake of dietary fibre in your diet. Dietary fibre, you must be aware, is obtained from fresh vegetables and fruits. They expand the time, which the stool takes to move through colon, and therefore, diminish the pressure within.

Increasing the daily intake of fruits is of much value to get relief from painful piles. In the case, you do not like to eat fruits, think of them as medicines and have them anyway. Lack of exercise, obesity, very heavy lifting, much of sitting and pregnancy are the main causes of haemorrhoids.

Here are the fruits and juices one should take if he/she is suffering from piles

Juices – These are very good for piles but you need to filter from berry juice that is mixed with an equal proportion of juice from the apple. The berries that can be used to prepare the juice are cherries, blackberries and blueberries. Berries contain a rich content of “proanthocyanidins” and the “anthocyanins” that are known to reduce the pain and also reduce the swelling by toning the veins. At least, you must drink one glass of this juice mixture each day. 

Cantaloupe: This fruit has a rich content of vitamins and minerals to strengthen your immune system. It also has high beta-carotene levels and many of the anti-clogging properties. 

Black and Red Currant Berries: Any variety of currants is very rich in vitamin C, and also other minerals, and therefore, makes the juice worthwhile for clearing of piles. Currants also contain a small content of fatty acid that gives an anti-inflammatory hormone controlling the body pain. The juice of currants is also beneficial for cleansing liver and blood. A healthy functioning liver is very important for a healthy colon and a healthy anus. Every day consume 1 –2 glasses of red or black currant berries. 

Pomegranate Juice: Pomegranate juice is useful for lessening swelling and also has been used for treating the haemorrhoids, and the blood vessels in the rectum, which cause immense pain. All you need to do is dip a cotton ball in the juice and push it in the rectum.  A few people suggest that drinking the juice can also heal piles common during pregnancy.

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