A Must Read for Colored Selfie Stick Design Users Who Are Planning to Go to Japan or South Korea

Colored Selfie Stick Design

Selfie sticks make it more convenient for people to take selfies. Try visiting c2bpromo.com because there are many kinds of promotional colored selfies stick designs to choose from there! Other than that, are you planning to go to other places anytime soon? How about Japan or South Korea? Then you MUST READ this first!


Just recently, JR West (West Japan Railway Company) has banned people from using selfie sticks at about 1,200 stations. In just several months, Japan has already reached an annual record for the most foreign tourists that visited their country. As of the month of September, they have recorded about 13 million foreign visitors.

With this vast amount of visitors, you can expect that a lot of them have selfie sticks. This is not only happening at train stations because there are rumors that a number of popular tourist destinations and zoos are planning to do the similar prohibitions.

Safety Concerns

Aside from just a nuisance, one of the reasons why they have placed this ban is due to safety. They are many older stations that still have overhead wires and they can possibly be damaged if they are accidentally struck by a selfie stick. Other than that, it is also possible for a selfie taker to accidentally stumble onto the tracks when they are trying to get that perfect lighting and angle.

It’s still unclear as to what kind of consequence or punishment that a selfie taker may face when they don’t follow this rule and still snap away on one of the train stations mentioned above. However, it may just be a kind request from the staff telling that certain person to put it away.

For those who don’t know, JR West is operating majority of Japan train lines and they cover the major cities including Fukoka, Kobe, Kyoto and Osaka. For the other train stations, they have yet to announce the implementation of the selfie stick ban.


The number of people who are buying selfie sticks is rapidly increasing these days and even companies giveaway promotional colored selfies stick designs by buying them in bulk such as in c2bpromo.com. Meanwhile in South Korea, they are getting very strict when it comes to selfie stick sellers because they make sure that all of them should be legally approved to be sold publicly.

The selfie stick era is getting hotter and this is one of the reasons why the South Korea’s government announced that they will start checking the selfie stick sellers soon. They have declared that those retailers that are selling unapproved or uncertified selfie sticks will face a maximum fine of US$27,000 or 30 million won. They may also be punished with 3 years of imprisonment.

The government is more focused on selfie sticks that have Bluetooth function that allows users to take selfie photos with ease. Most of these models have a button located near the grip of the selfie stick and this will operate the camera of the smartphone that is connected to this photo taking device.

However, based on the science ministry, these devices are being sorted as communications equipment and they have already been tested and certified for the electromagnetic radiation level that they emit before even being distributed commercially.

Electromagnetic radiation from this particular equipment is generally not harmful to human beings but they might interfere with other electronic devices. Moreover, the ministry have found out that there are several uncertified Bluetooth connected monopods or promotional colored selfies stick designs today are being sold in the market thus, requiring “heavy crackdown.

For the convenience of citizens, the ministry has added a phone number at the end of their statement for the people to report these uncertified sellers. This is a good move for the South Korea and aside from safety, it also supports those certified sellers.
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