Use of Ciss and refilling cartridge in modern Printer

Now in the technical world, Computer and printer are becoming the major part of our life. Printer take very important role in our business or personal life. Everyone wants to take a print copy of his thought on paper. So printer becomes a part of the computer. And to drive, printer you need cartridge. A cartridge is a device which continuous supply of ink to a printer, we can say cartridge gives the power or ink for a printer to take print.

refilling cartridge

When you buy any printer, then you should first look at cartridge quality. Because cartridge quality suffers your printout quality. A good quality printer and cartridge give best and quality print result.

One cartridge gives you limited printout after finishing you need to purchase a new cartridge, but this is a costly process. Then you have another choice, “CISS refilling cartridges”. Ciss refilling not only save your money but increase the life of cartridge also.

The CISS refilling system is continuous ink supply system, this slightly differ from the normally ink refilling process. In Ciss system we use a chip which operates automatically. This chip auto magically on, off the ink supply, according to requirement. Ciss for HP commonly used in HP printer. So Ciss HP printer has long life and good quality. These printers are a little bit costly, but its quality is fabulous.

refilling cartridge

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