Whats app beta acquires new enhanced features in a more appropriate way

Whatsapp offers a lot of features which is helpful to the users in a number of ways. Especially, with the help of voice calls users chats with their friends freely even if they are in overseas.

The free video calling facilitates you with face to face conversation where there is a huge need for these features. It makes use of phone’s internet connection rather than your cell plan’s voice minutes so that there is no need of expensive calling charges. Whatsapp is acquiring some of the new features on a regular basis.

In recent times, the platform’s beta version earned the capacity to pin and unpin chats lists. At present, the Whatsapp for Android beta version has been speckled with two new features. The new feature in the beta version is all likely to achieve a new VoIP interface and video to GIF converter button.

Together with these essential advancements and enrichment, the Twitter play of WABetaInfo demands that they have speckled the hidden references in Whatsapp Web about iPad and iPod rapport, prompting that the platform might directly be accessible on iPad as well.

Call interface

While discussing the new features to be demonstrated to Whatsapp, the platform looks to have acknowledged some meaningful alterations to the calling interface. The updated design brings the platform much closer to the Material Design approach of Google with a minimum look while making video and voice calls, says the source.


Video to GIF converter

The other feature that is beneath the testing at present is the capability to change the video to GIF by just a single click from not beyond the app. It has captured images for converting it from video to GIF converter button while doing an editing of video before transmitting it to others.

Unsend features

One of the tweets formed by the shows that an unsend feature is in the ideas of the stable version. But, the feature has been under testing right now. Undo button gets an alternate tweet in the place of the video to GIF converter button while editing a video when sharing it with other contacts.

Whatsapp previous beta version has made its arrival on the Android platform, with a much essential combination and improvements, especially that of pinned chats and a new VoIP interface.

Just days afterward the firm enhanced its live location sharing feature and Whatsapp has made some powerful changes to its calling interface within the app. The updated aesthetics influence the app closer to Google’s vision of Material Design and offering it a cleaner more essential look for both video and audio calls. Furthermore, another feature being verified is the capacity to pin a chat at the peak of your app.

Mostly, if you communicate with a lot of people each day, however, has one or two you always used to talk to, you can pin these chats to the top of your chat list with a simple click and hold menu. In beta testing, this feature is directly restricted to three pins and is likely to make the skip to the app very soon.

Apart from that, WABetaInfo also dotted a few other rewards that may be along, like a video-GIF converter button when firing within the app. Furthermore, they also demand to have speckled “hidden remark in Whatsapp Web about iPad and iPod rapport.”

The tip appears to signify the messaging app may certainly make the leap to the iPad as well, most importantly by merging it to your Whatsapp account the way Whatsapp Web works. Either or not that will truly be accomplished, we don’t know yet.

These features were revealed in the Whatsapp Beta version, so if you’re unable to check them out be informed that it will most importantly be a crazy experience, so don’t analyze except that you know what you’re doing. Somehow, you can probably anticipate these features to transverse over to the main app not beyond a month’s time.

Whatsapp is likely to be verifying specific business tools to begin its income stream and is expected to initiate the stable version much later in the year. At the same time, Whatsapp is also adjusting few just to boost the everyday experience.

The Whatsapp beta for Android dislocates the attachment button, and at last makes the voice and video call buttons independent, something that was fashionable only to iPhone users earlier.

Whatsapp calling button gets detached

For the first time, when Whatsapp video calling has been launched, the feature was unseen below the call button on the top right corner. By making use of the ‘call’ button, two options are used to pop up.

One is for voice call and another one is for video call and you had to push the one you choose. By now, Whatsapp is testing an individual video button in the beta version of Andriod to acquire the video calling button more appropriate to the users. Android Police was the first one to identify this alteration.

Whatsapp attachment button altered

The new Whatsapp video call button for smartphones restores the connecting button which is likely to sit next to the call button, and the coupling button has been shuffled to the bottom at the side of the text bar. It rests right next to the camera icon which has also been modified.

This facilitates the user to approach all of the chat relevant buttons in one area, and users will no longer need to head on to the top corner simply to adhere an image or a file. For users of iPhone, the attachment button is along the side of the text bar at the bottom of the screen.

But we need to make sure that, these features are only accessible in beta as of now, but will be released for all Android users as soon as possible. For those users who are unable to wait until the release, join the Whatsapp beta community in Google Play else download it from the APK Mirror.

Whatsapp latest Update lets user pin Your Favorite Chats separately

Android Police was the first thing to spot the new Whatsapp feature in the latest beta version if you are playing Whatsapp beta for Android versions, you’ll most probably be able to use it. Press the individual chat you need to pin to the top and select the Pin symbol from the top menu.

The new Whatsapp update gives other options like Delete, Mute, and Archive as well as alongside Pin. As soon as you pin a chat, it will stay on the top of your chat list, without consideration of your chat timings with the particular or concerned group. Although you have more current Whatsapp chats with other groups, you will see them after the pinned chats.

Whatsapp lets the user pin a maximum of three chats, by which it will display a message when you try to pin more than three chat. Users can also unpin Whatsapp chats by long pressing the option, and undermining the Pin button. As declared, this feature is in the new Whatsapp beta version and has not get up to a stable version yet.

If you need to use these feature, all you need to do is to sign up for Whatsapp beta on Google Play from your smartphone. Above all, you can also download the APK File from APK Mirror.

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