Best Hamper ideas for gifting on any occasion

Gifting comes as a quintessential part of any occasion or celebration. It is a way of making someone feel special and convey our blessings and affection to the person. The nature of gifts can vary based on the occasion. It is to be noted that corporate gifting is little different from personal gifting since the nature of relation is formal.

Hampers are one of the best gifting items for any occasion, be it personal or formal. Hampers usually consist of more than one item which makes it quite exciting for the receiver. These day’s one can also take resort to online gifting shops for fast and easy hamper delivery. The online gifting shops offer a host of options for hampers, and one can even get a customized hamper made as per requirement or preference.

Here are few unique hamper gift ideas for any occasion. These hampers are apt for corporate gifting as well.

  • Fruit Basket

A fruit basket is one of the healthiest gift hampers which can be gifted to someone. One can buy fresh fruits from the departmental store and get them packed in a hamper. One can also go for organic fruits for added dose of health.

  • Vegetable basket

Just like a fruit basket, vegetable basket also makes for a healthy gift hamper. The hamper can be made from fresh or organic vegetable which can be bought from the departmental store.

  • Herbs Basket

These days’ there is an inclination towards fitness, and along with an exercise regimen, people believe in maintaining a healthy diet as well. Low carb food is quite bland in taste.

To make the plain food more tempting, it is necessary to add some herbs for flavours. You can get a hamper of herbs made from Basil, Thyme, Oregano and the likes.

  • Juice basket

It is a known fact that juices are good for health. Also, these days’ market is flooded with special detox juices that help in elimination toxins from the body.

  • Body care Hamper

You can find herbal and natural body care products from any departmental store. These natural products help in maintaining natural health of hair and skin. They do not cause any harm like the chemical laden products.

  • Dry Fruit Hamper

Dry fruits and nuts are a storehouse of energy and offer a good dose of health. Munching on nuts in between the meals can help in losing weight. You can buy dry fruits from supermarkets or buy a readymade hamper.

  • Book Hamper

If the one whom you are planning to gift is an avid reader, nothing like a book hamper! You can choose from a wide range of books from various genres and gift them for a pleasant surprise.

  • Candle Basket

Candles and candle stand make for yet another attractive hamper. You can get candles of various colours, shape, and fragrances.

One can buy cheap hampers from any gift store or online shop from a wide variety of available options at affordable prices. The hampers can be delivered to any part of the city with the help of online shops.

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