Software Developer Hiring Tips

When you plan to hire a software developer, you must know how to select the right resource. But if you don’t belong to the techie group, do not panic. You can still assess the developer by asking the few questions given below. You can find the ways to crack the answers as well. Carry out some homework before you sit in the interviewer chair.

Ask About Their Previous Software Development Experience

When you begin your interview, only request the candidate to elaborate on the previous experience. This is little tricky here. Do not ask the traditional question, but be more specific. Point out on the online store development project from the profile and ask them to explain their role in the project. Ask them to demonstrate to you assuming that you’re a layperson. Check their confidence level, honesty, and dialogue delivery to this question. You need not be a hardcore technical person to identify these things during an interview. When you get convinced with their response to theseissues, you can tell them that they need to undergo a couple of software development assessments. When they quickly agree to the test you can put them on the test. This round confirms that they have some stuff and not a fake resource.

What can he/she contribute to your company?

Once they clear the test, your next set of questions for them. You must check with them on the mode of communication. When you want to contact them after office hours, you need some quick way. So check that and find out a common way to reach out to them. Also, ask them to explain what difference they can develop for your organization website.  When they come out with the answer mobile-friendly app development, then you can feel confident of the resource. Do you know why? Yes, youronline e-commerce store needs a developer who knows the latest trend in development. Mobile apps are gaining importance these days. At this stage put them through pre-employment testing for software developers. Once you’re sure about the fitment after clearing the pre-employment test, you can move to the next level.

Ask Them To Develop A Small Module 

So far they answered few questions and based on your gut feeling you moved them to the next level. You also administered them through the various tests. But before you make an offer, you can ask them to develop a real-time module on your website. You can ask them the ways to manage and edit your site. You can run the module and check for results. You don’t need to be a pro, but from a buyer perspective, you can definitely test the readability of the website incorporating the new module.

When you get convinced about the performance, just complete the last question before making an offer.  No, it is not about the compensation but the testing methodology. Wondering what a developer can do with testing.

Ask How He/She Will Run the Test

An ideal developer must know the best methodology to test the site. Check whether the developer is atleast aware of the testing practices. Ask them to explain the testing process. If they can explain testing details using your website, then you can close your eyes and hire them.

So you don’t need to be a pro to select a software developer for your website. Just follow the basics described in this post and recruit.

Happy Hiring!

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