The 5 Best Activated Charcoal Face Cleansers That Prove Nature’s Vacuum Works For Men’s Skin, Too

One of the major natural cleansing ingredients that have created a big hype in the cosmetic industry in the last few years is activated charcoal and this is one of the cleansing agents that actually worth a try. Charcoal dust is being used in old Ayurveda and Unani beauty treatments for ages and it has been used as a tooth and gum cleanser because of its antibacterial properties.

Now even recent scientific finding has proven numerous cosmetic benefits of activated charcoal. That is why it is now been used in many of the premium body and facial cleanser for men.

What is an activated charcoal and how it works:

Charcoal dust obtained by burning coconut shell, bamboo, olive wood, bone char, sawdust, etc.

By exposing this charcoal to a very high heat they achieve the activated carbon. The high temperature does some internal restructuring which increases its surface area by reducing the pores.

 As the activated charcoal porous is negatively charged so they attract the positively charged dirt particles, toxins and impurities, and bond with them. Since activated charcoal is not absorbed by the body it easily bonds and carries out the toxin and other impurities from the surface of the skin.

Some of the key benefit of activated charcoal:

  • Activated charcoal act as a dirt magnet.  It sucks out the excessive oil from the deep skin pores.
  • Because of its exfoliating nature, it helps to exfoliate the upper skin layer where all the dead skin accumulates.
  • For the antibacterial properties, activated charcoal helps to fight acne-causing bacteria and prevents the acne breakout.
  • Once, it attracts all the impurities that are present in the skin, your skin appears to be flawless, glowing and fairer. Hence, the charcoal cleanser can result in a healthy-looking skin that would be praised by all.

Mixing this miraculous ingredient with other beneficial cleansing agent creates a fantastic facial cleanser.  Some of the effective premium facial cleansers for men based on active charcoal are mentioned below:

The 5 best activated charcoal face cleansers

L’Oreal Paris Men Expert White Active Charcoal Brightening Scrub: This brightening scrub by L’Oreal Paris with active charcoal helps to remove the excess oil dirt and impurities from the skin.  This one is very easy to use and the mild fragrance lasts for the longer duration.

Charcoal Cleansing Gel by “The Man Company”: Charcoal cleansing gel by ‘The Man Company’ has the added benefit of black pepper & bergamot which helps to fight with inflammation, bacteria, removing fine lines and enhance the skin complexion.

Charcoal Peel off Mask: Another great face cleansing products for men by ‘The Man Company’ is the charcoal peel off mask with gooseberry and moringa. Peel off mask is very beneficial to pluck out the blackheads, whiteheads and the dead skin accumulation. Gooseberry and moringa offer an express cleansing and anti-aging benefits.

Clinique for Men Charcoal Face Wash: Charcoal based face wash by the company ‘Clinique’ is a premium face wash for men. Daily using of this product gives the skin a fresh and oil free look, rejuvenating the skin throughout the day. Non-drying lather foam takes out the oil, dirt, pollution, and suits all skin types.

Buena Skin Activated Charcoal Scrub: Active charcoal Scrub by “Buena Skin” is another great cleansing product for men. Enrich with Dead Sea salt aloe vera, spinach extract, and activated charcoal makes this a unique facial cleanser for men. Everyday use keeps the skin free from impurities, dullness and also the dead skin build-up.

So, using the activated charcoal-based facial cleanser for men on a daily basis can bring out your flawless rejuvenated face to attract attention and compliments while making the guy next door a bit more jealous.

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