The installation of B612

B612 is an app wherein the users will be able to click selfies. It has been specifically designed for smartphones which are on the lower. They can provide high-quality pictures for the front camera of those smartphones. Also, this app is compatible with various platforms.

How can one install B612 application?

Here, are the steps that are mentioned below to install B612.

  • This app is available in the play stores, so you can go there and click to download it to your device.
  • Then it will take a few seconds to download and get in installed on your device.
  • After the process has been completed you can open the app and start clicking some lovely pictures with your loved ones or even just of yourself.

What are the features of the application?

Decoration of the background: this is one of the most adored features of this selfie app. With this feature, you can light up your background with colorful and cheerful backgrounds so that your boring and normal selfie looks pretty and extraordinary. But, you need to know that this does require an internet connection for the download of various themes.

Level of brightness can be adjusted: while clicking selfies, you have a chance to adjust the brightness as per your requirements.

Various collage frames: also, you can choose from some collage frame options that are available to you. This actually will save your time as you already will have some readymade layouts which are in different dimensions. Pick one that you love and make your picture look happy and bright.

Funny mask: these days you might have seen teens that have a crazy obsession with various funny masks. Well, it is the trend that the generation is actually following. So, you can be a part of this trend and download some funny masks and click cute and funny selfies on from your camera application on your phone. There are actually so many options like horror and weird masks which makes the selfie clicking moments all the more fun.

Filters: well, another great feature provided by this app filters options where there are a variety of filters from which you can choose one while clicking a picture. But, later on, once the picture has been saved in the gallery, you can pick a filter and use it for your already saved picture. This implies that you also get an opportunity to edit your pictures in this app.

Why should you consider B612 app for clicking your selfies?

Before you install the B612 app on your device, you need to make sure that there is enough space for the download of the app. In case the memory of your device is full then this can have an impact on the performance. Now, you must be also wondering as to why so this app is considered to be one of the best apps out there because it has tons of filters, it has a user-friendly interface and there are many new features which are being added to it.

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