Top 8 Underused SEO blogging Tips for business

Search engines optimization is the most powerful tool to market your blog or business online. No matter what type of website you launch the basic SEO tips forever remains the same. But when you have a huge blog or site, maintaining it sometimes becomes a daunting task to handle. And many basic techniques are left behind to be implemented.

  1. Create a sitemap and submit it to the search engines using webmaster tools. A sitemap helps the search engine in indexing your site and crawl to all the folders and subfolders. You can either create a single site map for the whole site or a separate one for every folder. Submitting the site map for the whole site can be a little tricky, you can go for the former one.
  2. Social bookmarking is another technique to showcase your site online; you will get the valuable links and the much desired traffic. Connect not just the home page, but every single page of your site to the various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon. Create a page on each of these social networks to help your reader and audience to connect with you. Link back these pages with your site through the various sharing bottoms.
  3. Search for various broken links on your site. Search engine have a disliking towards broken links, figure out the broken links before the search engines does. These links have an adverse impact on the rankings of your site.
  4. Try that your site has contents in basic HTML format rather than in Java or flash. Search engines are reluctant to these Java and flash files. Irrespective of the technology advancement search engine cannot read files in these format.
  5. When adding image files on the site try to include alt text with it. This alt text will help your site to get featured in likes of an image search.
  6. Install Google analytics on your site and try to figure what keywords are used to search your site and if you’re SEO techniques are giving you the desired results or not.
  7. Exchanging links with sites popular in your niche will help you to achieve high ranks. But be aware not to convert your site into an organic farm. Irrelevant links have no significance rather it has adverse impact on your rankings.
  8. When writing posts for your blog or site consider including rich keywords. Keywords which are searched more on the search engines. Highlight these keywords in format so as to let the search engine figure them.

Try to connect the older pages on the site with navigation texts rather than images and be aware of the various changes happening related to the search world. Also keep a track of the Google panda updates, since its launch panda has caused many online businesses to lose their traffic. Search engine optimization is rated as lengthy and tough task to accomplish by many experts, try implementing all the steps one by one. And SEO techniques usually take time before you see the results, have some patience and concentrate on your site’s quality.

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