Vijayawada, a city that still dwells in the edifice of old world charms

Vijayawada is the Krishna District’s biggest and largest city. It is a major city in the state and is an ancient city that took and seamlessly mixed the best of modernization to itself. Simply head to this old yet modern city and select a hotel from the list of best hotels in Vijayawada for a relaxing stay.

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There are only a few cities in the entire world that best combines the old with the new. This means that these cities form and maintain the best balance between its old world heritages that include both tangible and intangible virtues, with the best of modernization. Vijayawada is one among them. This city, whose name literally means the Land of Victory, is settled in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh in India. Due to its commercial and industrial significance the city is also referred as “The Business Capital of Andhra Pradesh”.

It is the hub of all the trading and businesses in the region, which also incorporates the nearby regions, cities, and towns. Recognized as the “Global City of the Future”, Vijayawada is ranked second in the list of largest cities in the state. In year 2010 the city’s GDP was $3 billion, which is expected to rise up and reach $17 billion by year 2025. A fact about the city, it is the second most cleanest city in the state that also shows the efforts of the locals to keep their city clean. Other than that the city also ranks high in total population concentration. In simple terms Vijayawada today is a typical modern city where the streets are often crowded, locals are pretty occupied with their businesses, and large shopping complexes, multiplexes, hotels and restaurants fill it.

Vijayawada is home to one of the largest and major railway junctions in India. It is for this fact that reaching the city by trains becomes easy and convenient. Additionally, 18 km from the city’s centre is the Vijayawada Airport. SpiceJet, Jet Airways, and Air India etc. air-carriers have their regular flights to the city from all major cities in the nation. Additionally, good motorable roads are the connecting links that let the locals of nearby cities and town to easily reach the ancient city. Getting around in the city has many options. Rickshaws, auto rickshaws, car rental, buses, and taxis are the modes to get around the city.

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As far as tourism is in the viewpoint, being in Vijayawada is a delightful experience. Shopping is always fun in the city. Handlooms, handicrafts, furniture, textiles, jewelry, paintings of Kalamkari, and Saris of Mangalagiri etc. are the items of interest. The popular places to shop are Besant Road, MG Road, and Eluru Road. These markets are the pivots of all the glamour, and are lined by variety of shops. There are many good 5 Star hotels in Vijayawada located in these areas. If one seeks benefits of connectivity these are the hotels to check.

For sightseeing and the enthusiasts of city can spend their holidays exploring places like Lenin Statue, Undavalli Caves, Bhavani Island, Kondapalli Fort, Gandhi Hill, Mogalarajapuram Caves, Victoria Museum, Amravati, Rajiv Gandhi Park, Hinkar Thirtha, Subramanya Swamy Temple, and Prakasam Barrage. The good thing is that many of these share a good connectivity to the popular hotels in Vijayawada, making it convenient for the tourists to explore the attractions of the city along with enjoying a content stay, while in the city.

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