5 Processes Where Video Editor Software Programs Are Used Extensively

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There are some five processes where video editor software programs are used extensively. We will be listing the said five processes, and going ahead to look at each one of them in turn, in order to understand what exactly they involve. Our core objective in doing that will be to understand what the relevance of the video editing software programs in them is. In other words, we will be trying to understand why, in the course of executing these five processes, it becomes necessary to use video editing software programs.
The five processes where video editor software programs are used extensively include:

  1. TV commercials production processes: the nature of TV commercials is such that they have to be extremely brief (in terms of the durations of time for which they are meant to be run). Yet, in those short durations of time, the TV commercials are supposed to communicate profound messages, persuading people – the targeted viewers — to make certain huge (money spending) decisions and do certain time-consuming things. Needless to say, the best video production tools have to be used in the production of these commercials, and the ‘tools’ in question inevitably include video editing software programs. Through the use of the said programs, things like voiceovers and background music are added to the commercials. The video maker software programs also facilitate things like brightening of certain scenes, darkening of other scenes, addition of text (like price-indicating text) and so on.
  2. Professional music video production processes: video editing software programs make it possible for necessary titles to be added to the music videos. The said video maker software programs also facilitate the cropping/trimming of unwanted scenes from the music videos and the addition of those cool transitions that make music videos look so awesome.
  3. Amateur video refinement processes: in this context, we are making reference to ‘amateur’ video production in order to contrast it with ‘professional’ video production. For contrary to what one may imagine at first, video editing software programs are not limited to use in professional video production. They are also extensively used in amateur video production work: like, for instance, when people are preparing their own home videos for sharing on YouTube. Common uses of the software programs here include that of adding titles and credits, that of adding sounds to the videos (including sound tracks) and so on.
  4. TV news bulletin production processes: if there is one process that requires very extensive use of (the best) video editing software, then it has to be that of preparing TV news bulletins. That is because a lot of cropping and trimming normally has to be done, even as scenes have their brightness, hues and contrasts adjusted. A lot of text is also added to the final recordings that make TV news clips – and all this work is done using video editing software programs.
  5. Movie production processes: the need for video editing software programs in movie production should be obvious. For one, no movie that is worthy of the name comes without titles or credits. And these can, generally speaking, only be added using video editing software programs. At yet another level, scenes have to get their contrasts, brightness, saturations and hues adjusted, even as sound (in the form of soundtracks) is added. All this work is, ultimately, done using video editing software programs.

Annabel Lee is an advanced video maker who has been making videos for five years. She loves recording her life by making videos with video editor software.

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