Software Testing: Separating the Elite from the Rest

The world we see today is filled with technological advancements and progress. The foundations of our economies are built on computers and software. The biggest corporations in the world are software companies. Apple and Google dominate the stock exchange based on market capitalization. One thing is absolutely clear; the future lies with software development and automation.

This change in trends from a business-oriented economy to a software-based one is recent and many companies have now taken their business to the online sphere. In order to stay competitive and turn profits, many organizations have started hiring software engineers and technicians. This plays a key role, as the technical department is responsible for the success or failure of the company in the web domain.

In this case, assessment and testing play a vital role in determining the quality of employees hired. Some companies take tests before hiring, which focus on a potential employee’s skill-set and versatility. Most pre-hire tests include some sort of a coding test and an aptitude test. The coding test may involve a particular type of languages such as C++, python or java. Companies can conduct and assess various test java code online for employees. A rigorous testing method allows employers to sift through a pool of candidates and select ones best suited for the tasks ahead. Companies often keep specific questionnaires, this helps them profile candidates based on strengths and weaknesses. Aptitude tests also reveal a candidates teamwork, leadership and problem-solving skills. This variety of testing methods ensure employers get add valuable assets and persons.

An intracompany assessment is also a very widely adopted testing system. A majority of organization conduct tests on a regular basis, to keep the employees on their toes. Such frequent testing gives the employers a lot of data on the performance of their employees. Specific skill and aptitude testing help employers analyse workers individually. Many companies conduct specific coding tests to gauge where their employees stand amongst each other and competing rivals.

Java is one of the most widely used coding languages and some companies even require employees to be fluent in it. Tests help employers recognize if potential candidates are adept problem solvers. Tests also ascertain that if they can utilize the leverage provided by the Java class library to write an easily maintainable code all the while being robust. Java is the go-to language for big conglomerates and now even smaller companies are following suit.

Finding skilled employees is not an easy task, and even after hiring some employees just lose their edge and become dull as time wears on.  Testing at regular intervals and conducting various coordination and communication exercises are important. Testing and assessments improve the quality of hire by up to 30% and reduce cost and time to hire by almost a third. Various other tests such as psychometric tests, personality profiling tests and problem-solving skills, help companies by a great deal. Certain results can be inferred from the data, and employers can utilize it to cohort employees.

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