10 Tips to Crack MPSC Examination

Tips to Crack MPSC Examination

Maharashtra Public Service Commission conducts State Service Examination annually. On 19th June 2020, it released the final results of MPSC 2019. Currently, State Service Examination 2020 recruitment process is taking place however the preliminary examination has been postponed on the account of COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, candidates taking MPSC Prelims 2020 have an ample opportunity to revise their syllabus to crack the examination in their first attempt.

Every year, 3-4 lakhs candidates sit for the Maharashtra PSC Rajya Seva Examination. In 2019, around 3.6 lakh candidates appeared in the preliminary stage. Hence, it becomes imperative for the aspirants to complete their MPSC syllabus well on-time to sail through this tough competition.

This article will talk about the tips that candidates can follow to crack the MPSC Examination.

Brief About MPSC Rajya Seva Pariksha

The Maharashtra Public Service Commission is the authorized body to recruit candidates for Group A and Group B services of the state government. To fulfill this requirement, it conducts an annual State Service Examination. It takes place in three stages:

  1. Preliminary – 2 papers
  2. Mains – 6 papers
  3. Interview – 100 marks

A few important details about the examination are mentioned below:

  1. Every year, the commission releases new vacancies to be filled through the state service examination.
  2. In 2019, 342 vacancies were announced; while 200 vacancies have been announced in 2020.
  3. Recently, the commission has made changes to its Mains syllabus. GS 1-4 syllabus has been amended.
  4. The prelims 2020 examination scheduled for 11th October has been postponed and a revised date will be announced by the commission on its official website.

Important Tips for MPSC Examination

The competition in the State Service Examination is tough with lakhs of candidates sitting for this examination. It is important for candidates to cover their syllabus with honesty and hardwork to crack the examination. MPSC releases the syllabus along with its official notification annually. Let’s see what can be done to successfully sail through the examination with flying colours:

  1. Rote learning of the syllabus – Many a times, candidates ignore a few topics mentioned in the syllabus in haste. However, it is suggested that one must completely follow the syllabus verbatim. It will help them avoid reading irrelevant material.
  2. Know the state-specific information – The state examination focuses on the history, geography, economy, polity and other subjects’ from a state’s point of view more in comparison to national perspective. Hence, a candidate must read state textbooks first to form the basic understanding of the state-specific information. Later, he/she must read about wider topics.
  3. Holistic approach towards the exam – The state examination also focuses on the national events and affairs to gauze a candidate’s awareness of the important news. Hence, with every state-related topic, a candidate must draw a wider picture using information that is important to the country.
  4. Timetable is a must – A smart timetable keeps a candidate on track with his/her preparation. One must bring amendments to the timetable as per the level of preparation weekly, monthly and semi-annually.
  5. Periodic revision boosts chances to clear the examination – Along with a timetable, frequent revision also aids the preparation of the candidate. Hence, one must take time out daily to revise what they have learnt so far. It usually takes some effort but gradually it helps candidates to remember the most crucial information for the examination.
  6. Previous Year Question Paper will help understand the examination’s demand – The old question papers always help aspirants to understand the trend of the questions. In this way, they can devise their own strategy to focus more on certain topics than the others.
  7. Limited Resources are sufficient – It is a myth that too many books are required to crack the examination. Only limited material that covers the entire syllabus will suffice.
  8. Mock Tests are compulsory – Taking mock tests before examination can help aspirants learn from their mistakes. This way, they learn intelligent guessing, important topics that they missed, and topics that need to be revised.
  9. Pursue a hobby – Along with studying, a perfect hobby is equally important. An aspirant should not do away with a daily hobby as it acts like a perfect break from the monotony and brings relief.
  10. Remain calm before the examination – A state of calm is needed on the examination day. A relaxed mind can solve more questions than an anxious one. Hence, it is always suggested that candidates should practise meditation, deep breathing techniques etc. to avoid stress.

These above-techniques can help aspirants to be ready with their preparation. Remember that MPSC examination is one of the most desirable state service examinations and hence, one must be thoroughly prepared for it.

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