The Top 5 Most Common Fashion Careers

There are many roles to be played in the fashion industry and many paths to travel by. Fashion isn’t just fashion, for some people it’s a lifestyle, and their passion and way of living, and the ability to express that through your career is a tremendous blessing. Here are the top 5 most common fashion careers.

Fashion-Related Small Business Owners

Those who want to control their own income and love fashion should consider starting a fashion-based small business. When you start a fashion business, you want to develop products and services that are unique and that will benefit your community. For example, many cities have rental services for bridal gowns, tuxedos and prom dresses but your city may not have a rental service for children’s special occasion clothing so you can fill this void if you have experience in selling children’s clothing.

You’ll want to write a good business plan and seek innovative ways to promote the business.

Fashion Designers

Fashion designers are the persons who create the clothes we wear. They sew, tailor and design the patterns of the outfits they plan to distribute to stores that will sell those outfits to customers. Fashion designers work independently but they also hire staff members to assist with promotions and the designing of the clothes as well as the accounting aspect of the designers’ operations.

Fashion designers need to stay up to date and even ahead of today’s fashion trends and they must have a good knowledge of basic sewing patterns.

Personal Stylist 

A stylist is someone who picks outfits for and styles clients for different events they need to attend. A good stylist keeps up with the latest trends and he/she is also aware of what his clients’ tastes in fashion are. A college degree is not necessary to work as a stylist although it would be helpful.

Jewelry Makers 

If you enjoy beautiful jewelry and are a crafty person, you can make jewelry for distribution at flea markets, department stores and boutiques. You can get your training in this type of business by taking jewelry making classes at local community centers and practicing your craft for a few years before deciding to sell them to distributors.

You should also take business classes so you’ll know the financial aspect of running your business.

Fashion Journalist 

A fashion journalist is someone who reports on the fashion industry and may also write articles that give readers fashion advice. A fashion editor usually handles all operations of a fashion magazine and has had several years of experience in the fashion world as a designer or owner of a fashion-related business.


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